O PreacherI could hardly believe what I was reading.

My emotions ranged from astonishment to anger to admiration.  I could barely restrain the animosity I felt for the State and the tears that welled up at this Christian grandmother’s courage and faithfulness to the Lord.  Please read the blog at the link below.  An additional blog with the link at “article” inserted in this one will give broader background information.

We are not being threatened with death for our faith, as are many of our brothers and sisters.  But we are increasingly being threatened by the State with major—in some cases, overwhelming—financial loss if we want to practice our faith.  This is no time for us to treat Christianity as “our religion” or something we do in a building on Sunday mornings!  This is the time for us to focus our Christian worldview, dig deep into God’s Word, and follow our Lord in a society that is increasingly become anti-Christ.  And it’s the time to thank God for courage grandmothers who lead the way!


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