O PreacherAccording to one web site ( http://ajournalofmusicalthings.com/quick-many-different-genres-popular-music-youre-wrong/) there are 1264 genres of popular music today.  I have no idea if that’s right, but there’s a lot.

I’m reminded of a conversation with one of our worship leaders years ago.  How cool, he commented, that our worship team could play different kinds of Christian music for different people.  You know, please everyone.  I replied, “We haven’t even scratched the surface” and rattled off jazz and classical and folk and bluegrass, for example.  The variety of music nearly boggles the mind and makes me wonder what kind of God is ours, who creates creatures who can so creatively create such varied music!  One day it will  all be to his glory.

Next to today’s popular Christian groups, classical conjures up images of people dancing the minuet.  But I risk the scoffing to suggest a listen to this 14 minute, 42 second Christian classical music video.  At times we need music to pull us up from our despondency to dance.  Other times—busy, stressful times—we need music to revive our soul without sending us to sleep.  This video does it for me.

I suggest watching and listening with a mind to meet the Lord in the music.  Or perhaps silently reading a portion of Scripture.  Or how about this?  Take your loved one’s hand and together sit in the Lord’s holy presence, listening, waiting.  But whatever you do, please, don’t critique the music.  Meet with the One whom words alone cannot communicate–the One about whom there must be music’s beauty to taste just a bit of his glory.  He’ll be there in the song . . .


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