P.AllanAndrae Crouch went home to the Lord January 8th.  He was 72.


If you were into Christian music in the 70’s, you know.  I knew.  I heard him often, but saw him “live” only once—and then without his group, “the Disciples.”  But his soul was on display.  I saw it in every song he sang, every piano note he played.  As the author of the blog below (please read it) said, “[He] makes contemporary religious music a little more washed-out, flat, and placid. Andrae was all about joy. The joy of his salvation and the joy of creation.”

Reading this blog brought back memories—times I listened to his music with joy, times I tried to sing some of his music, but never could get the same “sound.”

Funny how I’m sentimental over his death.  I’m sure he’s with the Lord, musically rejoicing as only he can.  But I feel a certain sadness.  Funny, isn’t it, how the Lord uses particular people in our lives.  At the time, we just take them for granted, unaware even of the effect they’re having on us.  Only later do we realize the gift they were to us.

Please read the blog below.  If you have any of Andrae’s recordings, play one.  Worship with him.  And rejoice with him, knowing that today he’s still singing joyfully with the Lord.


As I listened to his music at the link below, I couldn’t do it without a few tears and a big thank you to our Father.  Enjoy the Lord!


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