O PreacherWhat a fitting, beautiful, God-present way to begin Sunday Worship!

For if we don’t humbly and hungrily pray for the presence of the Holy Spirit, what have we in our gatherings?  Yes, we have the written Word of God.  But it is the Spirit who enlivens the Word to our hearts.  And, yes, we have each other.  But it is the Spirit who kindles love and binds hearts.  If we don’t meet with the presence of the living God—our Father through our risen Lord—our meeting becomes little more than a memorial or a classroom.  Yes, we sing songs that proclaim the gospel of our faith.  But if we are merely making a proclamation without the presence of the One we proclaim, we are speaking into the wind.

How beautiful, how sanctifying, the “holy hush” after all the music and singing has stopped!  How we need to stand like that on holy ground in his holy presence and be filled with the Holy Spirit!  How precious those quiet moments when the world fades and all we sense is him!

If your church lacks his presence  like this, perhaps the video and these words have created a thirst . . . and somehow the Spirit will come for his glory and the joy of his reborn people.  I pray it might be so . . .

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