I’m concerned about America because my grandchildren will grow up here.  In my 73 years, I’ve seen many changes.  The most threatening, I think, is the increase in the size of the federal government, and the philosophy behind it:  the federal government knows best.

Close behind in threatening change is the “living document” view of the Constitution be at least four of the justices.  That view holds that we must interpret the Constitution according to the nation’s conditions today (which almost always means a political interpretation and not according to what the framers intended.  This view has “found” the Constitution granting a woman’s “right” to abortion and same-sex couples to “marry.”  And those are just the most egregious examples.

Some progressives worry that if we Christians have our way, we’ll turn democracy into theocracy.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  We want a constitutional government, not a politicized or progressive one.

I’ve just read the enclosed article by Larry Arn, President of Hillsdale College.  I urge you to read it (click on “Imprimis” below) and to pray for our new president and administration.  Our primary citizenship is in heaven (Philippians 3:20), but we are also citizens of America.  Understanding what our government should be and praying for those in authority can make us good citizens of both.

A More American Conservatism


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