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100 Pray-ers

The headache was fierce and unrelenting.  Dizziness unfocused everything I looked at.  I could hardly move, literally.  It continued for 36 hours.  Our daughter, Meridith, posted a Facebook prayer request.  One hundred friends responded.  So let me tell you what the Lord has done.

When Lois called my primary doctor for help, she found he was away.  His covering doctor called back with a prescription for a new medication.  The next day both headache and dizziness were gone.  Neither returned.  Perhaps my primary would have prescribed the same; I don’t know.  But I choose to believe the Lord used the covering doctor for just what I needed.

While Lois was speaking with my primary’s nurse about in-home help, she “happened” to mention a Hospice program called “Failure to Thrive.”  It’s designed, not for the terminally ill, but with special-needs planning to be around for a while.  That Beverly should “just happen” to mention that program seems more than just happenstance.

Ah, but one must qualify for this program.  The intake administrator visited.  I fell on the floor and flopped like a fish.  I cried.  She took all pertinent information and phoned the deciding doctor.  We got a thumb-up.  (Review in three months.)  We took that approval as God’s gracious answer.  (I really didn’t flop.)

Then the Hospice nurse visited.  She was most knowledgeable and genuinely caring.   And she’s quite familiar with Primary Lateral Sclerosis, which is almost miraculous since apparently there are only 500 cases of PLS in the U.S.!

Hospice is a wonderful organization, as some of you know.  I’ll have, at this point, biweekly visits from the nurse and monthly from the doctor.  They’re available by phone 24/7. Lois and I both view that as the Lord telling us, “I know sometimes you feel forsaken.  You’re not.  I’m with you.”

We both look at this as an answer to 100 pray-ers.  Now when you read Meridith’s request, you probably didn’t fast and pray for three days.  (I wouldn’t have.)   Most of you probably breathed a sincere, but brief prayer.  I’ve said often I don’t know how prayer works.  (Would answers have come from only 50 pray-ers?)  But, you see, our Father who not only sees what we pray in secret, also hears what we whisper briefly.  And in his time and way, he answers.  He has.

So thank you every one of you hundred pray-ers from the bottom of my heart.  Your prayers won this battle and I’m grateful.  Praise the Lord!

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  1. I am so happy you are feeling better and will be able to get help. I believe in Godsidence…. Not coinsidence:)) I will continue to pray for you and your beautiful family. Kathy Gluck

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