O PreacherI was shaken yesterday when I first read of Dr. Ben Carson’s “fabrications”.   I read further reports and  became confused.  What was said when?  Did the media get it right?  Did Carson make misstatements?

All this concerned me because I believe Carson’s honesty and integrity are key to his campaign.  And while I’d love to see debates between Carly and Hillary, I’ll be voting for Carson.  (I still can’t believe people are taking Trump seriously.  If he or Hillary become president I may move to Sweden.)

Gradually, as I continued to read and hear reports, I came to the conclusion that this was another case of media bias on the attack.  Take, for a small example,  the top line of the video:  “Ben Carson Goes Off On Reporters . . . ”  Goes off?    (Trump goes off every time he opens his mouth!)  Please note:  “goes off” is subtle media commentary.

By the way, the Democrat party has a shoo-in for the presidential nomination being investigated by the FBI.  Where is the media feeding frenzy over that?

America is in trouble.  When the media is so blatantly biased we don’t know who or what we can we believe and often are subconsciously swayed to believe a lie.  The media are as liable for division in this country as people who always cry “racist”.

Thank God we belong to a kingdom not of this world!  Yet we’re called to live in the kingdoms of this world and to influence them for righteousness and justice.  The video above is my tiny attempt to do that in this case.


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