P.AllanBack in November I named Ben Carson as my choice for president (http://theoldpreacher.com/carson-vs-media/).

Now I’ve done what politicians do—flip-flopped.  (Those of you reading this from other countries, I hope you’ll find something for yourself in this.)

I’ve flip-flopped only because, in my humble opinion, I don’t think Carson can get the nomination and I don’t want my vote wasted.  I certain am anti-Trump.  I think his candidacy is all about himself.  As far as flip-flops go, Trump has flipped as far as humanly possible and I’m praying he’ll flop big-time.  I understand the anger.  But just as lashing out in anger on a personal level solves nothing, neither will it on a national level.  No way are his views (which seem to be all over the map) consistent with a biblical worldview.

Words matter.  Jesus said,   “The good man brings good things out of the good stored up in his heart, and the evil man brings evil things out of the evil stored up in his heart. For out of the overflow of his heart his mouth speaks “(Luke 6:45).   This is why inappropriate or vulgar speakers need a heart change, not a speech therapist!   What we hear from Mr. Trump’s mouth reveals the condition of Mr. Trump’s heart.  I for one don’t want that heart in the Oval Office.

Last December I posted a Marco Rubio video in which he spoke of his Christian faith (http://theoldpreacher.com/rubio-on-jesus-more/).  I’m posting another today (although the sound quality is poor).  In it Rubio responds to a question from an atheist.  I’m impressed that Rubio doesn’t minimize his Christian faith.  My sense is that he spoke from his heart at the risk of losing the atheist-bloc’s vote.  I’m not campaigning for him, though, under the circumstances, I think I’ve flip-flopped and will vote for him in the primary.

Whatever happens, I’m convinced we need more politicians, more leaders in every area and more Christians in general to speak up for Jesus.  Not to beat anybody over the head with the Gospel, but to make it clear where we stand—and to speak that truth firmly but humbly in love.

One question has long-concerned me:  If so many of us profess faith in Christ, why is our country (and the world!) as godless as it is?  Is it because many of us really aren’t believers?  Or is it that we have no intention of obeying the One our mouths call “Lord”?



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