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Music Memories

I’m sitting at my computer writing a blog.  Christian instrumental music plays in the background.  Suddenly, my creaky memory kicks in:  we used to worship with many of these songs when I pastored SonRise Community Church. (not counting the occasional commercial mixed in here).

I sat back.  And remembered.  I can hear us (the worship team playing).  I can hear the congregation singing.  I remembered with gratitude.  With longing (how I wish for those days!).  My voice can’t sing along anymore.  But my soul can–and does.

I send this 1 hour 45 minutes of music, so you can join me, even if just briefly.  Prayer with words is good, with music better.  Meditation with quietness is rich, with music sometimes richer.  Praise with words brings joy, with music joy its full of glory.

Maybe this will bring you, too, music memories . . .


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  1. What a beautiful gift this holiday season! I feel so blessed that I had the pleasure of knowing you in my life. You started me on my path to the Lord. So many rich memories of beautiful joy! Enjoy your holiday season dear friend in Christ.
    Carol P.

    • Allan Babcock

      November 19, 2017 at 1:39 pm

      Carol, thank you for your kind words. I always appreciated your openness to the Lord and thoughtful mind, even in the midst of some tough time. I pray God’s grace for you and your family.

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