O PreacherI’m curious whenever a politician is asked about Jesus.  So when I found this video from Marco Rubio, I watched and listened—and was thrilled to hear his witness.

Donald Trump brought his childhood Bible to a campaign rally to show the world he’s a good Methodist.  (Please!)  Rubio, on the other hand, articulately  seems to speak from his heart about a relationship with Jesus founded on God’s Word and infused with the Holy Spirit.   Some may wish he had left the Roman Catholic Church behind.  But who are we to say where God can be doing his saving work?

I post this today not to endorse Rubio (though he and Dr. Ben Carson are running neck-and-neck in my mind).  I post this because I usually view politicians with a healthy dose of cynicism.  Not here.  At least by his words and what I sense from his heart, Rubio really knows Jesus.  He’s to be applauded for speaking openly about him.

Secondly, I post this today to encourage us all.  God is at work in some of the most unlikely of places.  That should keep us praying for those needs that seem most unlikely to be met.

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